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Estera and Cris' experience with Embracing Mothers

I had a truly wonderful experience with Jan Hassan as my birth doula. She went above and beyond the call of duty to be by my side during a very long and complicated birth delivery at the Whittington Hospital in north London. Unfortunately my husband had Covid when I went into labour (despite taking very careful precautions, my husband most likely caught Covid in the hospital waiting room next to a coughing patient), and the hospital wouldn't allow him to be present for our baby's birth. Thankfully we had our guardian angel doula Jan to be my birth partner, as our families are abroad. Jan stayed with me in the hospital for 2 nights and provided the most attentive, warm and caring emotional and physical support. She made my hospital room feel like a mini spa with soft lights, affirmation cards, music, food and drinks, etc and she was great company sharing in stories, park walks and walks through the hospital corridors, and laughter. For physical support, she helped me with breathing, relaxing, meditation, and excellent pain relieving massages especially during the more painful contractions. Jan also was a fierce advocate helping me push to be transferred to labour ward to get an oxytocin drip to progress my labour when my early labour was slow (I kept being delayed because of hospital short on midwife staffing shortage - which became problematic 48 hours after my water broke). Jan coached me through the pushing phase, guiding me when and where to push which was more difficult on an epidural. I had a hands-off and not very nice hospital midwife for most of my active labour, but having Jan as a warm and caring doula made all the difference in world so I could have a positive experience despite very challenging circumstances. My husband and I are incredibly grateful for Jan's brilliant support in our birth experience. We give the highest recommendation to any other family that is interested in working with her as your doula.
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