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We will research and tailor your birth choices to create the best plan for you and your baby, taking the fear and stress out of childbirth.


I will be by your side during your birth. I will provide constant encouragement and support for you until your baby has been born and everyone is comfortably resting.


I will provide support and help you and other members of the family during the first few weeks after birth. My role may include breastfeeding support, emotional and even physical support. 

Costs and Packages

First Step Package 

2 prenatal meetings, Birth and 2 postnatal visits.


Birth Alone

Emergency/Last Minute




Full Package 


I know your birth is as unique as you are. 

Together we can tailor a package that suits you and your baby's needs to give you the most positive birthing experience. 

Prenatal & Postnatal

Charged Hourly


Day Rate 


Starting at £150

Prices depend on individual circumstances


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